Technology is an asset that over time changes depth and level of performance, to push the industry boundaries towards more advanced solutions:
  • Multi-spindle lathes, single spindle lathes with numeric control, able to meet both customer’s requirements, and production volume, whilst always maintaining quality excellence;
  • Specific machines for various types of product’s finish;
  • Complementary processes such as galvanic and thermal treatments;
  • Statistical process control (SPC) in accordance with pre-determined and agreed with the customer CP and CPK indexes.
Emmegi provides customer’s service and real production process optimization. Tools and equipment for every production phase are stored in two different automated warehouses. A tracking system ensures transparency and maximum operational activity, as well as complete recording of the process parameters and control’s results related to the produced batches. Emmegi thinks and acts ecologically, and in recent years has successfully used the latest machinery for the respect and safety of the environment.